Start with WHY to Organize:

Organizing is contagious!
In the last couple of days, I have given enough importance and time to be a lot more organized at home so that I can have a lot of time to myself which I can use now better.
Today I wanted to share a few habits changing small things that led me towards getting this time.

3 roads to become organized are:

1. Decluttering (Figuring out what we use everyday vs what we store for future or from past which might no longer be of use to use today. This is a more detailed section but identifying and getting rid of it or getting into the habit of charity is the core here.)
2. Cleaning (Dust off those pet dander and other allergens)
3. Organizing (I’ll talk about this here today)

Let me start with the things that I observed on why to be organized:

  1. This reduced my stress a LOT!
    I think the chaos in the environment adds a lot to how our mind perceives things. Organizing things brings in that lost peace J I have found my lost things from places right in front of me so many times and this brings in joy.
  2. Saves time and Money
    I have ordered a quick delivery sunglass right before my impromptu trip even when I had my favourite pair at home which was hiding in some corner and I couldn’t find it even after searching all possible places for so long because of the cluttered chaos. This has happened multiple times with me L Now I know where to look for things because all of them have a home. Brownie points to the time I save now.
  3. Pushes everyone to be organized now.
    Like I earlier mentioned organizing is contagious. Initial pushes to everyone at home to keep things at their designated places is slowly becoming their habit too. Everyone strives to watch a step further to create more space in the room.
  4. More charity
    Digging those unused clothes, toys, gadgets etc. and passing them over to friends and family or to people who are really in need of them gives in a sense of fulfilment. I gave off my old phone, a few toys and clothes to our house help and building help and seeing them use that made me feel really good because all these things were just kept to myself locked in the cupboard and drawers.
  5. Made me love “my place”.
    Looking around the house now gives me a real sense of pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment. Makes me want to spend more time at each of these corners. Same thoughts have been reciprocated even from my husband and my parents.

These are my top reasons to get organized. Which of these resonates you the most? The most important part is knowing the WHY for us to get organized because that motivation is the one which will push and guide till the end.

I would highly recommend to jot down the reasons that motivate towards organizing and putting it up in front of you (somewhere you always have your eyes on) and that is the inspiration board.

If organizing has helped your lifestyle share the same in the below comments.

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