The word is in itself so warm 🙂 I feel very philosophical today and hence looking back at what brings energy, what draws a curved smile on our face, what pushes us to do better every day is that company and the togetherness in this journey. There is great strength in togetherness.

Togetherness at Home:Togetherness at Work:

Given our fast paced life and schedule, it is really important for families to spend time together. Like everyone else, I constantly feel as if I don’t have enough hours in my day. I have read so many books and articles on what’s better or rather how do we balance-  quality time or quantity time?
To me I feel both quantity and quality is important equally.

I feel this is no different than home. We need to again ensure the balance is well maintained between the Quantity and Quality time 🙂
Quantity Time – This can create an environment of trust and value amongst the members. It communicates the fact of being available always. This brings in a confidence or strength that anyone at home can feel just okay to ask anything and need not wait till our “office hours/office work is done and complete”.  Quantity Time –  Same way like at home, we need to ensure our team can feel the trust and value and hence being available always is something we need to take care of. A feeling of “I have got your back” positively motivates one another in the team to do 5X better.  
Quality Time – This refers to the family bonding. This is the crux of all relationships. The more family time we create, the more opportunities we have to touch each other’s lives in profound ways.

Quality Time – This refers to the team bonding. This is very precious and different compared to our family because this is somewhere, where everyone were a stranger earlier but because of a shared goal or role they grew close together. Quality time is mostly created with the accomplishments and celebrations together. It takes a little longer than compared to that of home because these are all new folks we are taking time to meet and know. Hence some patience:)

None of this happens automatically, of course. It’s entirely possible for a family or a team to spend lots of time together and come away the worse for it. The key to make it happen is the intention to make it happen. That means making up our mind to be present in the moment and to make the most of every circumstance.

A good way to balance it could be trying to tie the synergies of everyone together.

Example at home every Sunday my mom cooks the lunch and by lunch time my dad and husband need to finish up the gardening activities and I need to clean the house so that we all can have the lunch together and watch something together. Even when it’s all individual tasks, the outcome together is just lovely.

Same way, at work its just an idea or a vision that gets started at the leadership level or by some person in the team however, its beautiful to see how rest of the team member takes on what they can as their responsibility (sometimes more than their actual role) to come out and deliver and give that idea a beautiful tangible outcome.

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