My Review on the Book The 10X Rule

My recent read is the 10X rule by Grand Cardone. (Cardone is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor and a renowned sales trainer. His other books are – The Closer’s Survival Guide , Sell ​​or be sold , Be Obsessed Or Be Average, How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate, The Millionaire Booklet, Secrets of Selling, How to Get and Stay Motivated)

The book summarizes a few key things that we usually miss out dwelling upon. What I liked about the overall book was the following points:

1. Are we all setting our goals, correctly? Goals refer to anything we would like to achieve, be it at work, at a personal front, or in life.

2. Are we setting the goals that we are passionate about? If we are not doing that then we will only feel we are working and over-working, because the payoff is not that large. I can relate to this very closely because, when I started my first job at a very big recruitment agency, I initially never liked my work because the goal was to end up calling some x candidates for a job without actually knowing how is it going to help me grow in my career. The tradeoff was nowhere close. However, once that aspect changed, I started liking the same role all the more and felt like passion.

3. Are we setting the goals 10X times greater than what we actually believe we can achieve? Setting a stretched goal in all spheres is what leads to success. This is the one thing that draws a clear line between a leader and the rest. The author feels the reason we are at our current place is because of our actions and current thoughts. If our goals become 10X and we are able to achieve them, we move 10 steps further. One mustn’t get contented with what is already there. The core reason for happiness is something that comes after we have accomplished something and not because we are resting, relaxed or doing nothing.

4. Are we taking actions that are 10X greater than what we believe is necessary to achieve those goals? Taking these massive action attempts is what would define our “new potential”. We have all heard that people have high potential or low potential, but are we actually growing that potential day-to-day. This is one way to keep growing our potential and emerge stronger and successful. Limiting the desire to be successful is a violation of the 10X Rule. If we are not achieving what we should achieve and we are giving an explanation around all failures then we are only setting ourselves for failure. We should instead increase our effort towards the actions we are supposed to take.

Overall it was a good read to also relate to the scenarios in my past and see if I could have done things differently and also to think about my goals be it at work, at a personal front and towards life.

Some Annotations that I liked from the book :

People will say, “success isn’t everything.” No shit. Of course success isn’t everything. But it is important. And diminishing that importance with saying like “success isn’t everything” gives you an excuse to limit your vision of success for yourself and the actions you take.

If you’re willing to take credit when you win then you have to be willing to take responsibility when you lose.

If you were really legit, people would come to you.  Stop driving and flying to everyone. Step up your game.

The biggest business problem is obscurity. (for me I think even for an individual this might be the biggest problem)

Failing to think big in the beginning will lead to failing to act big.

You have to be obsessed. Nobody has ever accomplished something incredible without obsession.
The ability to be obsessed is not a disease. It is a gift.

Don’t follow the pack. Lead the pack.

Success is like a garden. You must constantly tend to it and care for it.
Most people never get close to being overexposed. Nearly everyone is hindered by obscurity.

Last-minute preparation is just a way to delay and be fearful. Focus on training better beforehand and when the resistance comes, face it and take action.

Fear is a signal to do what you fear right now. Do not feed fear by waiting and letting it build.

Don’t worry about time management or balance. Instead, focus on abundance. Don’t think either/or. Instead, think all/everything.

Time management is more about knowing your priorities clearly than finding balance.

Customer satisfaction is not nearly as big of a problem as “non-customer satisfaction.” People not knowing you exist and not buying your product is the real issue.

Losing money or business never dominated your ability to take action.

Challenge traditions and established ways of thinking.

Don’t worry about how much work it is. Think about how great the results will be.

Commit first. Figure out the details later.

Reach up in your relationships. Find people better than you.

Taking massive actions is the only way to fulfill your true potential.

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