Adios 2020!

Here we reach to my last post of this year. This is the fastest and at the same time longest year. So much to witness and so much to experience that words fall short.

We started the year at our high, I travelled a lot with family , friends and colleagues. My first solo travel also happened this year. Meeting extended team, learning newer things and experiencing so much both professionally and at personal end. I also started my sequenced blog writing post this year and glad that I can write something every week. Thank you Hari!

This year was also tough on all of us. We lost so many lives, friends, family, acquaintances in 2020! Sujit Kaku , Sushant and Tony Hseih you will always be missed and thanks for making an impeccable impact on so many lives including mine! Professionally, this was also one of the toughest years so far.

I am pretty sure I haven’t felt this awkward sigh of relief ever with a year coming to an end previously. But this time it feels different. I am relieved and I am also anxious for the next year. As I write this post, I realize that I am beyond thankful and blessed to be with my family, friends and an amazing set of folks at work and I can’t express my gratitude in words here. I cannot pen down all your names (I’ll send this link to you hopefully), but I am so glad I have you in my life. Thank you for making this tough year a memorable one and so easy for me.

Have you watched this yet?

To the new beginnings :

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